Elfin View Company Philosophy

Our Core Beliefs

At Elfin View, we’re not just about decor; we’re about making a meaningful impact. We stand firmly for small artisans, women and people-of-color-owned ventures, USA-made items, vegan options, traditional crafts, and above all, fair and ethical practices. We believe in using business as a force for good—both for people and our planet.

Our Origin Story

Born in 2022, we’re a 100% remote-first company with our roots in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. But geography is no barrier—you don’t have to be a North Carolinian to be part of our crew. Our amazing team spans the globe, clocking in from every time zone.

How We Work

How do we stay accountable without the conventional 9-to-5 grind? Simple: we hire self-starters who don’t need micromanagement. We believe you’ll do your best work when you have the freedom to do it your way. Mutual trust and accountability are the names of the game here.

Our Work Culture

What you’ll find at Elfin View is a nimble, empowered team that’s not bogged down by bureaucracy. We keep meetings minimal and value your work-life balance. A 40-hour workweek is our norm, except for those rare, big-launch or holiday-rush moments.

Perks of Being an Elfin View Team Member

  • Freedom to Roam: 100% remote means you can live where you want, free from commuting hassles.
  • Work Smart, Not Hard: Minimal meetings and an asynchronous work approach.
  • The Right Tools: We’re fans of Basecamp for keeping projects on track.
  • Incredible Colleagues: Work with a team as committed and awesome as you are.
  • Annual Get-Togethers: Company-wide celebrations to acknowledge our collective wins.
  • Purpose-Driven: Be part of a company that’s earnest about bettering the world.

Interested in being a part of our mission? Send your resume and cover letter to info@elfinview.com with “Careers” in the subject line. We’re excited to hear from you!