Eco-Friendly Dishwasher Detergents

Eco-Friendly Dishwasher Detergents | Nontoxic Dishwasher Pods | Eco-Friendly Dishwasher Liquids | Product Spotlight | Conclusion

I’ve got the 411 on eco-friendly dishwasher detergents and nontoxic dish soaps. From pods and liquids to my fave brands, we’re breaking it all down.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Dishwasher Detergents?

Better for the Planet

First things first: Mother Earth. Traditional dishwasher detergents often contain harmful chemicals like phosphates that can seep into waterways and harm aquatic life.

According to the EPA, phosphates can cause algae blooms that lower oxygen levels, affecting fish and other aquatic organisms. When you choose eco-friendly options, you’re reducing this environmental impact.

Safer Ingredients

Eco-friendly detergents usually have a list of ingredients that are plant-based and biodegradable. You’re not just cleaning your dishes; you’re also keeping toxic chemicals out of your home. For folks with allergies or sensitivities, this is a big win!

Effective Cleaning

Don’t let the “eco-friendly” label make you think these detergents are any less effective. Many of them use powerful plant-based enzymes to break down food residue just as well—if not better—than traditional detergents.

Cost-Effective in the Long Run

While some eco-friendly options may be a tad more expensive upfront, they often come in concentrated formulas, making them last longer. Plus, the cost to our planet when we don’t go green? That’s immeasurable.

Supports Ethical Practices

Many eco-friendly brands are also cruelty-free, meaning they don’t test on animals. So you’re not just making a better choice for the environment but also for our furry friends.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Traditional detergents often contain synthetic fragrances that can irritate the respiratory system. Eco-friendly options often use natural scents or are fragrance-free, leading to better indoor air quality.

Nontoxic Dishwasher Pods

Let’s be real, we’ve all got a million things going on. Between work, family, and trying to squeeze in a little me-time, convenience is key.

Dishwasher pods are a godsend because you just grab one, toss it in the dishwasher, and boom—you’re done. No measuring, no mess, just easy-peasy lemon squeezy!


You know those times you’ve gone overboard with liquid detergent and ended up with a sudsy mess? Yeah, not fun.

Pods are pre-measured, so you’re getting the right amount of detergent every single time. This takes the guesswork out of dishwashing and leaves you with spotless dishes.

Plus, it helps you avoid wasteful overuse, which is good for both your wallet and the environment.

Less Wasteful

Speaking of being kinder to Mother Earth, dishwasher pods usually come in water-soluble packaging, which means less plastic waste.

They’re designed to give you the exact amount of detergent you need, so you’re not wasting a drop.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, using dishwasher tablets (similar to pods) can reduce water consumption by up to 20% compared to traditional dishwasher detergents. So yes, these small but mighty pods are not only convenient but also a more sustainable choice.

nontoxic dishwasher detergents

1. Method Dishwasher Packs

Price: $12.49
Main Features:

  • Plant + Mineral-Based: Not only do these packs clean well, but they’re also made from natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals here!
  • Cruelty-Free: For my animal lovers out there, rest easy. These packs have never been tested on animals.
  • Works Well Even on Hard-to-Clean Dishes: Trust me, I’ve got two kids, so I’ve seen some pretty scary-looking dishes. Method packs have passed my baked-on lasagna test with flying colors.

Why I Love It:
If I had to describe the Method Dishwasher Packs in one word, it would be “efficient.” They’ve got this pre-measured thing down to a science, and they seriously tackle grime and grease.

Plus, the plant and mineral-based ingredients are like a spa day for your dishes.

eco friendly dishwasher pods

2. Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent Packs

Price: $13.99
Main Features:

Why I Love It:
Seventh Generation has been a go-to brand for me for a while now. I love that their packs are USDA certified and free of dyes and fragrances. It’s like they’ve thought of everything. Plus, the price point is reasonable for what you get.

Did You Know? According to the EPA, phosphates in dishwasher detergents can cause algae blooms that negatively affect water quality. Both these products are phosphate-free!

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Eco-Friendly Dishwasher Liquids


First off, let’s talk about how versatile dishwasher liquids can be. You can use them for more than just your dishwasher.

Got a stubborn stain on the stove? A little dab of dishwasher liquid can work wonders. Need to pre-soak a pot? Fill it up with warm water and a squirt of your trusty liquid. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of cleaning products.

Easy to Control the Amount

One of the best things about liquid detergents is the control factor. You know your dishes better than anyone else.

Some days, it’s just a few cups and plates; other times, it’s the aftermath of a three-course meal.

With liquids, you can adjust the amount of detergent based on how dirty your dishes are. No more one-size-fits-all; you’re the master of your dishwashing universe!

Usually Cheaper Than Pods

Now, let’s talk money, honey! Generally speaking, liquid detergents are more budget-friendly than pods.

According to a cost comparison by Consumer Reports, liquid detergents can be up to 20% cheaper per load than dishwasher pods. When you’re trying to stretch those dollars, every little bit counts, right?

eco friendly dishwasher detergents

3. Boulder Clean Ultra Concentrated Liquid Dish Soap

Price: $5.49

Main Features:

  • Ultra-Concentrated: A small amount goes a long way, making it super cost-effective.
  • Safe Choice: Certified as a safer choice by environmental standards, so you can trust it to be non-toxic.
  • Gentle on Hands: It’s tough on dishes but gentle on your skin, which is a win-win in my book.
  • Free of Nasties: No SLS, parabens, or phosphates. It’s clean as a whistle.
  • Multiple Scents: My fave is the Green Apple. It’s crisp, clean, and just makes dishwashing a bit more enjoyable.

Why I Love It:

Y’all, this dish soap is my jam. First off, it’s super affordable at $5.49 a pop, and because it’s ultra-concentrated, that bottle is going to last you a good while.

I love that it’s a safe choice, not just for the dishes but also for my hands. No dry, chapped skin over here!

And let me take a minute to rave about the Green Apple scent. Some scents can be overpowering or smell artificial, but this one is just perfect.

It’s like slicing into a fresh Granny Smith apple every time I do the dishes. Plus, it actually works! I don’t need to use a ton of it to cut through grease or get rid of those stubborn food bits.


  1. Affordable: At $5.49 a bottle, your wallet is thanking you.
  2. Eco-Friendly: It’s free of SLS, parabens, and phosphates.
  3. Smells Amazing: That green apple scent is a total mood booster.
  4. Effective: It cuts through grease without requiring you to use a ton.


  1. Scent Specific: If you’re not into fruity scents, this may not be for you.
  2. Ultra-Concentrated: You’ll need to be careful not to overuse it, as a little goes a long way.

nontoxic dishwasher detergents

4. Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent Gel

Price: $6.49
Main Features:

  • Plant-Based: It’s like a green juice cleanse but for your dishes. All plant-based and no harmful chemicals.
  • USDA Certified Biobased Product 65%: This certification is like a seal of approval for eco-friendliness. It means the product is made mostly from renewable resources.
  • Bottle is Made from 100% Recycled Plastic: Even the packaging is eco-conscious. It’s like a full-circle moment for sustainability.

Why I Love It:
Seventh Generation has been doing the eco-friendly thing long before it was a trend. This gel doesn’t just talk the talk; it walks the walk. It cleans effectively, it’s made from plants, and even the bottle is recycled. For $6.49, it’s a steal!


  1. Plant-Based: Good for the earth and your dishes.
  2. USDA Certified: It’s 65% biobased, which is a big win for sustainability.
  3. Recycled Bottle: Even the packaging is earth-friendly.
  4. Affordable: Good price for an eco-friendly option.


  1. No Added Scents: If you like a fragrance, this won’t have it.
  2. Gel Consistency: Some people prefer the ease of pods or tablets.

nontoxic dishwasher gel

5. Ecos Dishwasher Gel

Price: (Unavailable)
Main Features:

  • Up to 40 Loads: That’s a lot of dinners and late-night snacks, y’all!
  • Plant Power Washes Away Residues: It’s strong enough to take on the tough stuff but gentle on the earth.
  • Never Tested on Animals: As an animal lover, this is a big deal for me. It’s cruelty-free and guilt-free.

Why I Love It:
Ecos Dishwasher Gel is like the unsung hero in the eco-friendly cleaning game. It’s not as well-known as some other brands, but it really delivers. And it’s so versatile—up to 40 loads mean I don’t have to think about buying dishwasher gel every two weeks.


  1. Up to 40 Loads: Long-lasting and efficient.
  2. Animal Friendly: Never tested on animals.
  3. Plant-Powered: Made with plant-derived ingredients.


  1. Price Unknown: It’s hard to judge value when the price isn’t listed.
  2. Availability: Seems to be out of stock frequently, based on my experience.

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Product Spotlight

Boulder Clean Ultra Concentrated Liquid Dish Soap

Price: $5.49
Main Features:

  • Safe Choice: This soap is like a security blanket for your dishes—safe, gentle, and effective.
  • SLS, Paraben, and Phosphates Free: You won’t find any of those nasty ingredients in this dish soap.
  • Green Apple Scent: I’m all about that crisp, green apple scent. It’s like a little slice of orchard heaven in your kitchen.

Why I Love It:
Boulder Clean Ultra Concentrated Liquid Dish Soap is my go-to for a reason. It’s affordable, smells divine, and most importantly, it gets the job done. It cuts through grease like nobody’s business, all while being eco-friendly and skin-friendly.

nontoxic dish spray

6. Boulder Clean Foaming Dish Spray

Price: $6.69
Main Features:

  • Plant-Based Power: Straight from Mother Earth to your kitchen sink.
  • Dye and Triclosan Free: No harmful dyes or triclosan to worry about here.
  • Quick and Efficient: A quick spray, a little scrub, and you’re done.

Why I Love It:
This foaming dish spray has become a staple in my cleaning arsenal. It’s quick, it’s efficient, and it lets me tackle a sink full of dishes in record time. Plus, it’s plant-based and free from any harmful ingredients.


  1. Quick and Efficient: Just spray and wipe—no scrubbing needed.
  2. Plant-Based: It’s made with ingredients you can feel good about.
  3. Multi-Use: Good for dishes, but you can also use it on other surfaces.
  4. Dye and Triclosan Free: It’s as clean as it gets.


  1. Price: A bit pricier than traditional liquid soaps.
  2. New Method: If you’re used to soaking dishes, this spray method might take some getting used to
nontoxic dishwasher tablets

7. Automatic Dishwasher Tablets

Price: $9.49
Main Features:

  • Super Concentrated: These tablets are small but mighty.
  • No Phosphates and Chlorine: It’s clean dishes without the chemical nasties.
  • Biodegradable: Good for your dishes and good for the earth.

Why I Love It:
When I say these tablets are game-changers, I mean it. They’re super concentrated, so one tablet goes a long way. Plus, they’re biodegradable, which gives me peace of mind knowing I’m making an eco-friendly choice.


  1. Super Concentrated: One tablet packs a lot of punch.
  2. Eco-Friendly: Phosphate and chlorine-free, plus they’re biodegradable.
  3. Easy to Use: Just pop one in and you’re good to go.
  4. Effective: Dishes come out sparkling clean.


  1. Price: They’re a bit on the expensive side per load.
  2. Limited Versatility: These are strictly for the dishwasher, unlike liquid soaps that have multiple uses.


If there’s one thing to remember from this guide, it’s that switching to eco-friendly dishwasher detergents and nontoxic dish soaps isn’t just a trend—it’s a lifestyle change for the better.

These products not only effectively clean your dishes but also have a lower impact on the environment and are often safer for you and your family.

With options ranging from pods to liquids, and prices that won’t break the bank, there’s really no reason not to make the switch.

Your dishes, your health, and Mother Earth will thank you!

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