How can I motivate myself to clean

Struggling to get motivated to clean? You’re not alone. The thought of tackling the mess in the living room or giving the kitchen a deep clean can be overwhelming.

But here’s a little secret: cleaning doesn’t have to be a drag. Imagine turning it into time for yourself, a way to de-stress, and even a chance to get the kids involved in some fun games.

Stick with me, and I’ll walk you through some simple steps and clever tricks to make your home shine—without the sigh.

Let’s get that motivation cranked up and those cleaning tasks checked off, one joyful sweep at a time!

How can I motivate myself to clean

Get Motivated to Clean by Finding Your Why

I get it—keeping your home clean with little ones running around can sometimes feel like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos.

But let’s pause and take a moment to remember why a sparkling clean home is more than just nice to look at.

It’s about crafting a space where your family can thrive.

Here’s why every toy-strewn room cleaned and every sticky countertop wiped is absolutely worth it:

  1. Health Comes First: A clean home is a healthy home. Keeping those germs at bay means fewer sniffles and coughs. It’s about protecting your family’s health, one wiped-down surface at a time.
  2. Mental Clarity: A tidy space equals a tidy mind. Less clutter means less stress and more room for your family to think, play, and rest without chaos.
  3. Safe Haven: Your home is your family’s sanctuary. Clean floors mean safe steps for your little adventurers. It’s about creating a haven where they can explore without any oopsies.
  4. Happiness Hub: Believe it or not, a clean home can boost your mood. It’s about sparking joy with freshly fluffed pillows and sunbeam-ready windows.
  5. Controlled Chaos: In the whirlwind of parenthood, a clean home is something you can control. It’s about conquering the chaos with your trusty mop and a can-do attitude.
  6. Modeling Moments: Your kiddos are watching (even when it seems like they’re not). Clean together and show them how taking care of their space is part of loving their home.
  7. Bonding Time: Crank up the tunes, hand out the feather dusters, and make it a family dance party! Cleaning doesn’t have to be a solo act—team up and tackle it together.

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2. Maslow’s Motivation

Alright, amazing parents, let’s take a quick trip back to Psychology 101 with our buddy Maslow and his famous pyramid.

Remember that? It’s all about those basic to bougie human needs.

Now, imagine this: Your mop is your magic wand, and every sweep is a step up that pyramid.

Here’s how a spruced-up space hits those high notes on Maslow’s chart:

  1. Safety Secured: At the base of the pyramid is safety. A decluttered hallway means no tripping over toys. It’s about making your home a no-boo-boo zone where your tots can toddle safely.
  2. Belonging Boost: A bit higher up, we’ve got belonging. Family movie night feels cozier in a crumb-free couch corner. It’s about crafting those snuggle-friendly spots that say, “You’re home.”
  3. Esteem Elevated: Keep climbing, and we hit esteem. When your home shines, so does your pride. It’s about that “heck yeah” feeling when you’ve conquered the chaos.
  4. Confidence Corner: Higher still, there’s confidence. A clean and organized home sets the stage for your kids to bring friends over without a second thought. It’s about high-fiving your own awesomeness.
  5. Self-Actualization Station: At the tippy-top, we find self-actualization. This is where your potential blooms. It’s about the home where your family can grow, dream, and become their best selves.

So, let’s swap that sigh when we see a spill for a high-five to ourselves for nailing those needs.

Every swipe, scrub, and sort is a step toward fulfilling your family’s full spectrum of needs. House cleaning?

Nah, it’s more like home crafting.

You’re not just wiping down counters; you’re setting up spaces where your family can flourish. Now, isn’t that a reason to flip that mop with a smile?

How to Get Motivated to Clean

3. Tiny Triumphs

Parents, we’ve all been there—staring down a messy room, feeling the motivation sputter and stall.

But here’s the secret sauce: celebrate the tiny triumphs. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of nailing those small wins:

  1. Set a Timer: In the tick-tock of daily life, setting a timer for cleaning can turn pressure into progress. Just 15 minutes can transform a corner of your home and your mindset.
  2. Zone by Zone: Tackle your house clean by dividing it into zones. Start with the living room or wherever the clutter is light. Seeing one clean area can spark the fire to keep going.
  3. Cleaning Products That Cheer: Choose cleaning products that not only clean but also make you feel good. The scent of lemon or lavender can turn the drudgery into delight.
  4. Song-Fueled Sessions: Blast those school-appropriate songs and dance through the dust. Make cleaning fun, and watch your living space—and spirits—lift.
  5. Decluttering Tips That Click: A clutter-free home begins with letting go. Use a decluttering tip like the “one in, one out” rule to maintain a tidy home without the overwhelm.
  6. Cleaning Schedule That Sticks: Create a cleaning schedule that fits into your family rhythm. Whether it’s during baby’s naptime or a Saturday morning spree, find the time that works and stick to it.
  7. Community Clean-Up: Sometimes, motivation needs a village. Connect with a community health center or join a local clean-up to get inspired. Bring those positive environmental stories home.
  8. Crystal Clean Achievements: Even cleaning a small appliance until it shines like heritage crystal clean can give you that much-needed sense of accomplishment.
  9. The ‘One Room, One Day’ Rule: If the thought of cleaning the entire house feels daunting, adopt the ‘one room, one day’ approach. Today the kitchen, tomorrow the living room—easy does it!
  10. Keep Things Tidy, Feel Motivated: It’s surprising how a clean and organize strategy lifts your mood. When you keep things tidy, the motivation to clean sprouts naturally.

Every small task you conquer is a victory lap for your motivation. Remember, a clean tidy house didn’t happen in a day.

Don’t aim for perfect—aim for possible.

Before you know it, you’ll have a whole house that sparkles, and you’ll still have the energy to enjoy those precious family moments.

Why do I have no motivation to clean?

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4. Get Motivated to Clean by Involving the Kids

Hey, superstar parents! When it comes to house cleaning, it’s all hands on deck—even the tiniest ones. Here’s how you can rally your kiddos to join the tidy-up brigade:

  1. Game On, Mess Gone: Transform cleaning tasks into a game. Who can match the socks the fastest? Can we beat the set timer to tidy the living room? Gamifying the grind can help everyone stay motivated.
  2. Cleaning Products for Kiddos: Get some kid-friendly cleaning products and let them spritz and wipe alongside you. They’ll feel like part of the team, keeping your home clean and learning responsibility.
  3. Reward System: Implement a reward system with affiliate links to cool, kid-approved items as prizes for a job well done. It’s a win-win; your house gets clean, and they get a little something special.
  4. Educational Clean-Up: Use cleaning time to educate. Counting dirty dishes, learning new words like “declutter,” or practicing colors while sorting laundry can turn chore time into learning fun.
  5. Cleaning Motivation Tips with Tales: Share stories of how their favorite characters from Northeast Early College keep their rooms crystal clean. It’s not just about cleaning; it’s about storytelling.
  6. Clutter-Free Challenges: Issue a friendly challenge to create a clutter-free home. Who can donate the most toys they no longer use? It teaches them about giving and keeps the home tidy.
  7. Messy House Mission: When the house feels overwhelmingly messy, create a ‘clean room house’ mission. Assign each family member a room and watch your home transform from chaotic to calm.
  8. Cleaning Can Be Compassion: Talk about how keeping surroundings clean is a way to care for each other. It’s like how street medicine teams help those without homes by providing clean spaces.
  9. Stay Motivated Together: Encourage kids to find cleaning motivation by letting them choose the next time’s playlist or the evening’s activity after a successful cleaning spree.
  10. Family Cleaning Routine: Build a family cleaning routine where everyone has their role. From tidying the living room to keeping the kitchen clean, shared tasks mean shared successes.
  11. Feeling Good Together: End each cleaning session with a family high-five. Acknowledge the hard work and celebrate the feel-good vibes of a clean home.

By involving your little ones, not only do you lighten the load, but you also instill in them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Why is it so hard for me to clean my house?

5. Overcome the Overwhelm

In the heart of a home where laughter rings and little feet pitter-patter, messes are memories in the making.

But when the toys are taking over and the dirty dishes are a mountain high, it’s time to overcome the overwhelm.

Here’s how:

  1. Start with Health in Mind: Remember, a clean home is part of health care for your family. Reducing allergens, dust, and germs supports everyone’s physical and mental health.
  2. Clean House, Clear Mind: Tidying up is therapeutic. It declutters your space and your mind, giving you a mental health boost. Start with the living room to immediately refresh your common area.
  3. Set a Timer and Go: Feel like you’re racing against time? Set a timer! Even 10 minutes a day can make a dent. It’s not about cleaning house from top to bottom; it’s about finding motivation to start.
  4. Maslow’s Clean Sweep: Align cleaning with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. A clean, organized home can help fulfill your family’s need for order and personal space.
  5. Tackle the Tangles: Sometimes, the mess feels like a tangled web. Break it down. Start small. Clean room by room, or even drawer by drawer. A clutter free home is within reach.
  6. Family Cleaning Task Force: Rally your family members to tackle cleaning tasks together. Each person can help, turning overwhelming chores into team efforts.
  7. Create a Cleaning Schedule: A regular cleaning schedule keeps home maintenance manageable. It’s not just about the current clean but keeping your home will stay tidy in the long run.
  8. Community Inspiration: Draw motivation from community health centers and street medicine teams who work tirelessly to improve environments. Your home can be your community’s health inspiration.
  9. Feel-Good Routines: Infuse cleaning routines with fun. Play ‘cleaning motivation tips’ from KFF Health News or school appropriate songs to keep the vibe upbeat.
  10. The ‘Clean Can’ Philosophy: Embrace the philosophy that ‘clean can’ be done, even when you ‘don’t want’ to. Every small task you do will help you keep things tidy and feel motivated.
  11. Kitchen Quick Cleans: The kitchen is the heart of the home. Keep it crystal clean with quick, regular wipe-downs—your future self will thank you next time you cook.
  12. Cleaning Fun with Story Time: Make cleaning fun by narrating your own ‘positive environmental stories.’ Pretend you’re on a quest to restore order in the kingdom of ‘Tidy Home.’
  13. Celebrate the Small Wins: Every cleaned kitchen, every tidy living room adds up. Celebrate these victories to stay motivated and keep going.
  14. A Home That Heals: Remember, your home can be a healing place. Shasta Community Health and other organizations remind us that cleanliness plays a vital role in well-being.

In the hustle of life, cleaning doesn’t have to be a casualty of busyness.

With these tips, you’ll find that motivation to clean is never far, and the journey from a messy house to a tidy home becomes much easier.

How do I stop being so messy and lazy?

Can I Motivate Myself to Clean?

To motivate yourself to clean, consider these approaches:

  1. Set Clear, Achievable Goals: Break down the cleaning process into small, manageable tasks. Completing each small task will give you a sense of achievement and encourage you to tackle the next one.
  2. Reward Yourself: Create a reward system for yourself. After a cleaning session, treat yourself to something enjoyable, whether it’s a favorite snack, an episode of a beloved show, or some quiet time with a book.
  3. Use a Timer: Challenge yourself against the clock. Set a timer for a short period, like 20 minutes, and aim to get as much done as possible before it rings. It can turn cleaning into a more game-like activity.
  4. Create a Playlist: Make a playlist of energetic, school-appropriate songs that you love. Music can significantly boost your mood and energy levels, making cleaning feel more like fun and less like a chore.
  5. Involve Others: Turn cleaning into a social event. Whether it’s family or friends, having company can make the time pass faster and the work feel lighter.

Why is it so hard for me to clean my house?

Cleaning can be hard for several reasons:

  1. Overwhelm: When there’s a lot to clean, it can feel daunting to start. This feeling of being overwhelmed can paralyze your motivation.
  2. Time Management: Finding the time to clean in a busy schedule can be challenging, leading to procrastination.
  3. Lack of Immediate Reward: Unlike other activities, cleaning doesn’t always provide an immediate or tangible reward, which can affect motivation levels.
  4. Emotional Attachment: Sometimes the thought of decluttering is tough because of the emotional attachment to items, making it hard to let go.

Why do I have no motivation to declutter?

If you have no motivation to declutter, consider these tips:

  1. Visualize the End Result: Think about how serene and welcoming your space could be after decluttering. Keeping that image in mind can serve as a strong motivator.
  2. Start Small: Begin with a single drawer or shelf. The satisfaction of seeing a clear space can inspire you to continue.
  3. Understand the Benefits: Remind yourself of the benefits of decluttering, such as reduced stress, increased productivity, and a more pleasing home environment.
  4. Declutter in Stages: Don’t try to declutter everything at once. Set aside a few minutes each day for decluttering, making it a less daunting task.

6. Finding Joy in the Routine

  1. Theme Your Cleaning: Assign themes to different cleaning days—like ‘Superhero Saturday’—and dress the part. Cleaning in a cape? Why not!
  2. Podcast Power: Listen to an engaging podcast while you clean. It can be so absorbing that you hardly notice you’re scrubbing away.
  3. Cleaning Crafts: If you’re crafty, DIY your own natural cleaning supplies. It’s a fun project that results in products you can use around the house.
  4. Gratitude Cleaning: As you clean each item or space, think of one thing about it you’re grateful for. This mindful practice can transform cleaning from a chore to a reflection on gratitude.
  5. Fitness Frenzy: Treat vigorous cleaning activities as a workout. See how many calories you can burn while vacuuming or mopping—your home gets clean, and you get fit.
  6. Cleaning Races: If you have kids or a partner, set up cleaning races to see who can tidy a space the quickest. Not only does it make cleaning faster, but it also adds an element of competition and fun.

Remember, finding joy in the routine is all about changing your perspective.

When you turn cleaning into “me time” or a fun activity, it stops being a chore and starts being a part of the day you might just look forward to.

7. Building a Sustainable Routine

Listen up, dear tribe of tidy-uppers! Who among us hasn’t dreamed of a home that sparkles like the final scene of a cleaning product commercial?

But let’s get real: life isn’t a commercial, and your house doesn’t need to be a showroom. What it needs to be is a home—a lived-in, loved-in space where memories (and yes, sometimes messes) are made.

So let’s talk about how to keep a clean home without the pressure of perfection:

  1. Find Your Cleaning Rhythm: Forget the “shoulds” and tune into your own rhythm. Maybe you’re a weekend warrior with a dust rag, or perhaps you’re a little-at-a-time on weekdays kind of cleaner. Find what vibes with your family’s flow.
  2. The Cleaning Routine That Bends: Crafting a cleaning schedule that bends but doesn’t break with the unexpected moments of life (think spilled milk and glitter bombs) is where it’s at. Flexibility is your friend.
  3. Clean as You Go: Encourage the whole family to adopt the ‘clean as you go’ philosophy. Picking up after yourself is like the bassline of your cleaning routine—steady and always there.
  4. Celebrate the Done: Got through your cleaning to-do list? High-five yourself! It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be done. Celebrating the victories keeps the motivation high.
  5. Keep the Gear Handy: Store your cleaning products in a caddy or a bucket that you can carry around the house. This ‘cleaning kit’ makes it much easier to stay on top of tasks.
  6. Involve Everyone: Assign everyone in the family a task, even if it’s as simple as putting toys away. A family that cleans together, stays sane together.
  7. Regular Resets: Schedule regular ‘reset’ times when everyone pitches in to return the home to a state of ‘clean enough.’ This regular basis reset can be a game-changer.
  8. Time Your Tasks: Use that set timer not just for cleaning sprints, but also for regularity. Clean the bathroom every Tuesday, vacuum every Friday—make it a habit, and it’ll feel less like a chore.
  9. Embrace the Mini-Clean: Sometimes, the thought of cleaning an entire house can feel overwhelming. So, start cleaning one small area at a time. A clean kitchen counter today, a tidy living room tomorrow.
  10. The ‘One Thing’ Rule: Each time you enter a room, do one thing to make it cleaner. Fold a blanket, wipe a surface, fluff a pillow. Small acts add up to big impacts.
  11. Feel the Progress: With each cleaning task you tick off, allow yourself to feel good about the progress. It’s about creating a clean home environment that feels good to be in, not just to look at.

Remember, it’s not about the shine; it’s about the shared effort and the sense of order and calm that comes from a space that’s clean enough for comfort. Keep it consistent, keep it real, and keep it tailored to your life.

8. Declutter to De-stress

Alright, beautiful people of the parenting world, let’s get down to the brass tacks of decluttering.

It’s not just about making space in your home; it’s about making space in your mind. A clutter-free space is like a balm for the busy parent’s soul.

Here’s how you can tackle the piles without the pressure:

  1. The ‘One Drawer’ Rule: Start with one drawer. Just one. Sort it, clear it out, and bask in the glory of that small, organized space. It’s a quick win that can power you through to the next spot.
  2. Room by Room Revolution: Pick a room—any room—and make it your declutter mission. Don’t think about the whole house. Just focus on making one room a haven of calm. The rest can wait.
  3. Five-Minute Flurries: Set aside just five minutes a day for a declutter flurry. Race against the clock to see what you can organize before the time’s up. It’s amazing what you can do in a short burst!
  4. The ‘Love It or Leave It’ Method: Hold each item and ask, “Do I love this?” If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, it’s time to say goodbye. This method can help cut down on the ‘maybes’ that often keep clutter around.
  5. Box It Up: Not sure if you can part with something? Box it up and set it aside. If you don’t find yourself searching for it in the next month, it’s probably safe to donate.
  6. Involve the Kids: Turn decluttering into a game for the kids. Who can fill a box for donation the fastest? It teaches them about letting go and helps keep your home clean.
  7. Digital Declutter: Don’t forget about digital clutter. Set aside time to organize and delete old files and emails. Your computer needs breathing room too!
  8. The One-In-One-Out Rule: Whenever a new item comes into your home, make it a rule that something else has to go. It keeps the balance and prevents new piles from forming.
  9. Label Love: Use labels to keep everything in its place. When items have a home, it’s easier to keep surfaces clear and find what you need when you need it.
  10. Visualize the Victory: Imagine how good it will feel to have a decluttered space. Visual motivation can be a powerful tool in keeping you on track.
  11. Celebrate the Space: Once you’ve cleared a space, take a moment to enjoy it. Sit in it, admire it, and celebrate the peace it brings. Let that feeling motivate you to move on to the next area.
  12. Decluttering as ‘Me Time’: Reframe decluttering as a moment for yourself. It’s a chance to think, to breathe, and to create a space that reflects the calm you want in your life.

Remember, decluttering doesn’t have to be a drag. It’s about peeling back the layers to reveal the serene space that’s been waiting for you all along.

So take a deep breath, roll up those sleeves, and get ready to declutter to de-stress.

9. Keeping Your Cleaning Spirit Alive

Okay, phenomenal parents, let’s infuse some sunshine into our scrubbing and positivity into our polishing!

Keeping a home clean can feel like an uphill battle, but when we change our lens to see the gleaming benefits, it all becomes worth it. Here’s how to sprinkle some positive pixie dust on your cleaning routine:

  1. Spotlight the Shine: After every cleaning session, take a moment to really look at your work. See the shine? That’s your effort reflecting right back at you. It’s not just about a clean home; it’s a symbol of your care and dedication.
  2. Gratitude for the Grime: Every crumb you sweep, every toy you pick up, is a reminder of the vibrant life swirling around your home. Be thankful for these signs of a full house and a full heart.
  3. Positive Mantras: Arm yourself with a positive mantra like, “Every sweep brings peace,” or “With each scrub, our home fills with love.” Repeat it as you clean, and let those words lift you.
  4. Success Stories: Share stories at the dinner table of cleaning triumphs. “Today, I conquered Mount Laundry, and it was epic!” It’s about celebrating the wins and sharing the joy.
  5. Visualize the Calm: Think of the calm that comes from a tidy space. Picture your next gathering in your clean home, the laughter and ease flowing freely in your uncluttered space. Let that image propel you forward.
  6. Find Your Cleaning Allies: Whether it’s a friend who loves to declutter or a family member who’s a whiz with a duster, lean on your cleaning allies. Sharing the load can multiply the joy.
  7. Tidy Tales: Tell your children storied adventures about brave warriors who keep the castle (your home) safe and clean from the chaos monsters. Make cleaning a heroic act.
  8. Happy Habits: Build happy cleaning habits by pairing them with something you love. Treat yourself to a special coffee while you clean, or reward the family with a movie night in your freshly tidied living room.
  9. Celebrate Clean Spaces: Throw a ‘clean room’ party once a room is decluttered. It’s a fun way to recognize the effort and enjoy the space you’ve all created together.
  10. Peace in the Process: Remember that peace often lies in the process, not just the result. Find satisfaction in the act of cleaning and the comfort it brings to your family.
  11. Cleaning Rituals: Turn cleaning into a ritual that grounds you. Let the rhythmic motions of sweeping or wiping down counters be a meditation in motion.
  12. Reflect on the Rewards: At the end of the day, sit back and reflect on how your cleaning efforts have contributed to your family’s health and happiness. Let this reflection be a source of ongoing motivation.

By focusing on these positive aspects, cleaning becomes more than just a task—it becomes a pathway to peace and a testament to the love you pour into your home. S

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