benefits of Humidifier in the winter

Ever stepped outside on a crisp winter day and felt your skin tighten up? Then you step back inside, crank up the heat, and things get even drier. As a woman with dreadlocks, I know this all too well. This is where our unsung hero of winter comfort comes in – the humidifier.

Winter Air Quality – A Hidden Challenge

Did you know that heating our homes during winter reduces indoor humidity levels significantly? It’s true. Our cozy warmth comes at a cost: dry, uncomfortable air. Have you ever felt that static shock when touching something? That’s a sign of how dry our indoor air can get.

The Magic of Humidifier in Winter

Humidifiers are our secret weapon against dry winter air. By adding moisture, they make our homes feel warmer and more comfortable.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Misters can help ease those pesky cold symptoms and even save on heating costs. It’s a win-win situation!

Skin and Hair Saviors – The Humidifier Effect

Remember waking up with your dreadlocks feeling more like a brillo pad? Or your skin as dry as parchment? I’ve been there. But then I discovered misters. They help maintain the perfect moisture balance in your hair and skin, making them feel alive again.


Top 5 Reasons to Love Your Humidifier in Winter

  1. Kiss Dry Skin Goodbye
    • Winter often brings dry, flaky skin due to low humidity levels indoors. Using a humidifier can combat this by adding much-needed moisture to the air. This helps the skin retain its natural moisture, reducing dryness and irritation​​.
  2. Softer, Vibrant Dreadlocks
    • Just like skin, hair suffers in dry winter conditions. An air mister can keep your hair looking and feeling soft, shiny, and strong, even if it’s frizz-prone. This is especially beneficial for those with dreadlocks, as the added moisture helps maintain their health and vibrancy​​.
  3. Fewer Cold Symptoms
    • Dry winter air can exacerbate cold symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and sore throats.1 A humidifier adds moisture to the air, which can alleviate these symptoms. It can also reduce the dryness that often leads to nosebleeds and respiratory discomfort, making it easier to breathe and recover more quickly from colds​​​​.
  4. Lower Heating Costs
    • Interestingly, humidified air feels warmer than dry air. This is because the added moisture slows down the evaporation of sweat, making you feel warmer. Consequently, homeowners may find themselves using their heating systems less, leading to reduced heating costs​​​​.
  5. Comfortable Home Environment
    • An air mister creates a more comfortable living environment during winter. By balancing the indoor humidity level, it reduces the static electricity that causes clingy clothes and shocks. This results in a cozier, more pleasant home atmosphere, where you feel comfortable rather than dry and irritated​​.

Using a humidifier during the winter not only improves personal comfort but also has tangible benefits for health and home efficiency.

Its impact on skin and hair health, coupled with its ability to reduce common cold symptoms and heating costs, makes it an essential tool for winter wellness.

Personal Story – My Winter Humidifier Journey

I’ve been a humidifier enthusiast for quite some time now. As you can see in the picture below, showcasing my purchase history, I’ve experimented with various styles from Amazon, each serving a different purpose. But let me take you back to last winter, a particularly challenging time.

The air was dry, and it took a toll on me. My skin became flaky, and my beloved dreadlocks lost their vibrant sheen.

Frustrated and in need of a solution, I turned to a new humidifier model. The impact was immediate and transformative.

My skin felt nourished and rejuvenated, and my dreadlocks? They bounced back to life, full of moisture and vitality. It was nothing short of a game-changer in my winter wellness routine!


Compare Winter Air Quality: With vs. Without a Humidifier

Choose the Right Humidifier

So, you’re ready to join the humidifier club. The key is finding the right fit for your space. Consider size, type, and extra features. Do you need a small model for your bedroom or something more robust for the whole house?

The Benefits of Using a Humidifier in Winter

Benefits of Using a Humidifier in Winter

Best Humidifier under $100

InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser & 10 Essential Oils Set

About this Humidifier The InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser, in its stunning Yellow Wood Grain finish, is more than just a humidifier. It’s a portal to relaxation and sensory delight. This 400ml Ultrasonic Diffuser doubles as a Cool Mist Humidifier and comes equipped with 4 timers and 7 color light options. It’s designed to turn off automatically when the water runs out, ensuring safety and peace of mind.


  1. Versatile Timer Settings & Mist Modes: With options like Continuous Mode, 1H, 3H, and 6H, and two mist levels (Strong/Weak), it offers a customizable experience tailored to your needs.
  2. Aromatherapy Benefits: The inclusion of 10 essential oils, each 10ml, ranging from peppermint to vanilla, adds a therapeutic dimension. The diffuser effectively disperses these scents, transforming any room into a haven of tranquility.
  3. Ambient Lighting: The 7 color LED light ring adds a subtle charm to your space, creating a soothing atmosphere that enhances relaxation.


  1. Refilling Frequency: For continuous use, especially on high settings, frequent refilling might be necessary, which can be a bit of a chore.
  2. Cleaning: While the design is user-friendly, regular cleaning to prevent buildup and maintain efficiency is required, which could be seen as a minor inconvenience.

Personal Experience & Highlights: I’ve been using this humidifier for a while now and it’s become a staple in my daily routine. Last winter, when dry air took a toll on my skin and dreadlocks, this humidifier was my savior. The difference it made was astounding – my skin felt nourished and my dreadlocks regained their vibrancy.

Why I Like It: This humidifier is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. The Yellow Wood Grain finish gives it a chic look, suitable for any decor. Its ability to diffuse essential oils while humidifying the air makes it an integral part of my self-care regimen. The LED light ring is a bonus, creating a serene ambiance in my space.

Everlasting Comfort Air Humidifiers for Bedroom

About this Humidifier Everlasting Comfort’s Air Humidifier is a powerhouse. Ideal for spaces up to 500 square feet, it provides up to 50 hours of continuous mist. It’s filterless, easy to fill, and easy to clean, making it a practical choice for any home.


  1. Extended Operation Time: With a runtime of up to 50 hours, it’s perfect for continuous use, especially in large rooms.
  2. Allergy and Sinus Relief: It’s incredibly effective in alleviating allergy symptoms, sinus congestion, and dry skin issues.
  3. Whisper-Quiet Operation: The ultrasonic motor ensures that it operates silently, promoting a peaceful sleeping environment.


  1. Tank Design: Refilling can be cumbersome, especially when having to flip the tank over. A top-fill design would have been more convenient.
  2. Water Spillage: The need to carry a towel to catch drips during refilling is a slight drawback, as it can be messy.

Personal Experience & Highlight: I own four of these humidifiers, and they’ve significantly improved the humidity levels in my home, especially during cold weather when our wood floors would shrink, and the air became too dry. They’re nearly silent and efficient, though I wish they were easier to refill.

KELOPA® 9L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

About this Humidifier The KELOPA 9L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier boasts a generous 9-liter capacity and a top-fill design for easy use. It covers an area of 600ft² and above, making it ideal for larger spaces.


  1. Large Capacity & Long Runtime: It can last up to 100 hours, making it excellent for maintaining the humidity levels in large rooms.
  2. Advanced Features: It includes an intelligent touch screen for easy control and a purify bulb technology for cleaner mist.
  3. Quiet Operation: Its low noise operation ensures it doesn’t disturb your peace, perfect for a restful night’s sleep.


  1. Size: Due to its large size, it might not be suitable for smaller spaces.
  2. Maintenance: Like most humidifiers, regular cleaning and maintenance are needed to keep it running smoothly.

Personal Experience & Highlight: I bought two of these for my plant room, and they’ve done wonders. The plants thrived under the consistent humidity. I encountered a pump issue with one, but the customer service was quick to provide a replacement.

Final Thoughts,

Winter doesn’t have to mean discomfort. With the right humidifier, you can turn your home into a snug haven. It’s about creating a space where you, your skin, and your dreadlocks can flourish. Stay cozy and hydrated, my friends!

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