Non Toxic Kids Watercolor Paints

As a mom who’s been on a mission to find the safest non toxic kids watercolor, I’ve got some firsthand insights to share.

Let’s talk about non-toxic watercolor paints, because, let’s face it, our toddlers’ art adventures can get pretty messy – and we want them to be safe while they’re at it!

Paints, especially the traditional kinds, can sometimes contain heavy metals like lead, cadmium, or mercury.

These can be harmful, especially to developing kiddos.

Lead, for instance, can cause developmental delays and neurological issues.

Cadmium and mercury aren’t any friendlier, potentially leading to kidney and respiratory problems. Knowing this, I was determined to find safer alternatives.

The Hunt for Safer Paints

My search for non-toxic paints wasn’t just a whim; it was a necessity. I spent time reading labels, checking certifications, and even reaching out to brands for more information. Here’s what I found:

Certifications Matter

Products with certifications like “AP Certified Non-Toxic” or “Conforms to ASTM D-4236” gave me peace of mind. These labels mean the products have been tested and deemed safe for use by children.

Ingredients Are Key

I learned to look for paints made with natural pigments and safe, non-toxic binders.

Some brands even listed their ingredients, which was super helpful.

I steered clear of anything with synthetic dyes or fragrances.

When we finally got our hands on non-toxic paints, it was a game changer. Here’s a bit more about our experiences:

a pan of Non Toxic Kids Watercolor Paint

Best non toxic kids watercolor paints

  • Honey Sticks Natural Watercolor Paints: These were a hit in our house! Made with natural ingredients, they’re eco-friendly too. Plus, the colors are lovely and vibrant.
  • Eco-Kids Eco-Paint: I loved that these are plant-based and completely free from harmful chemicals. They’re gentle on the skin, so double as face paints for dress-up days!
  • Prang Watercolor Paints: A more budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on safety. They are widely available, and I found them to be a great starter set for little artists.
  • Faber-Castell Watercolors for Kids: If you’re looking for quality, these are fantastic. They have bright colors, are easy to wash off, and most importantly, are super safe.
  • Natural Earth Paint Kit: For the DIY enthusiasts, this is a fun option. You get to mix your own paints with natural pigments – it’s a creative and educational activity to do with your kiddo.

a close up of Non Toxic Kids Watercolor Paint

The Science Behind Non-Toxic Paints

Understanding what goes into non-toxic watercolor paints really opened my eyes. These paints ditch the synthetic chemicals and instead, harness the beauty of nature. For instance:

  • Natural Pigments: I was amazed to find paints using pigments derived from earth minerals, plants, and even insects. For example, some reds and pinks come from cochineal insects, while browns and yellows might be sourced from clays and oxides found in the earth.
  • Safe Binders: In non-toxic paints, binders are used to hold the pigment together and help it adhere to paper. These are often made from natural gums like gum arabic, derived from the sap of the acacia tree. Some brands also use honey or plant-based glycerin, which add a smooth consistency and help the paint stay moist.

The Environmental Angle

As a mom trying to live sustainably, I was thrilled to find that many non-toxic watercolor brands are eco-friendly. They prioritize renewable resources and biodegradable ingredients.

This means not only are we keeping our kids safe, but we’re also taking care of the planet they’ll inherit.

Educational Opportunities

Using these paints turned into learning experiences.

When we used a paint made with beet extract, it sparked a conversation about how plants can be used in art.

My toddler became curious about the colors in nature, asking questions like, “Can we make paint from the flowers in our garden?” It was a beautiful way to blend art, science, and environmental education.

Creativity Beyond Paper

Non-toxic watercolors are versatile.

We’ve used them on different surfaces like rocks and wood, turning everyday objects into art pieces.

This flexibility encourages creativity and helps kids see the world as a canvas full of possibilities.

honey sticks Non Toxic Kids Watercolor Paint swatches

The Community Aspect

I connected with other parents and educators passionate about safe, creative play.

Sharing experiences and tips has been invaluable. Some parents even shared homemade paint recipes, which we tried and loved!

In our quest for non-toxic watercolor paints, we didn’t just find safe art supplies; we uncovered a whole world of natural beauty, environmental awareness, and community wisdom.

It’s been an enriching journey that’s touched not just our art sessions, but our approach to parenting and living. So, here’s to safe, sustainable, and sensational art adventures with our little ones!

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