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Get to Know Your Cora Disc

  1. Sustainable Choice: Made from body-safe materials, the Cora Disc offers an eco-friendly alternative to disposable period products. Making the switch can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.
  2. High Capacity: Holding up to 47.5 ml, the Cora Disc can accommodate the equivalent of five to seven regular tampons, meaning fewer changes and longer wear times.
  3. Comfortable Wear: Designed for a soft and seamless fit, the Cora Disc ensures you hardly notice its presence. Whether you’re working out or just lounging, it aims to provide uninterrupted comfort.
  4. Mess-Free Intimacy: Positioned high near the cervix, the Cora Disc allows for a more intimate experience during your period without the usual concerns of menstrual flow.
  5. Easy Insertion & Removal: With its unique design, the Cora Disc simplifies the process of insertion and removal. Plus, its self-emptying feature can be a game-changer for many.
cora menstrual disc how to use

What is the Cora Disc?

The Cora Disc is a reusable menstrual disc that’s been gaining attention in the realm of period care. Why? Because it’s designed to offer a more sustainable and comfortable option for those monthly moments.

I know many of you might be thinking, “Another period product?” But trust me, once you’ve gone through this Cora Disc review, you’ll understand why it stands out.

A Sustainable Choice

The term “reusable” isn’t just a buzzword here. With the surge of sustainable period care products in the market, the Cora Disc sets itself apart.

Unlike traditional tampons or pads which can only be used once and contribute to environmental waste, the Cora Disc is reusable.

This means less waste and more savings in the long run! A double win if you ask me.

The Difference

  1. Eco-friendly: Reduces the waste associated with single-use period products.
  2. Comfort: Designed to fit seamlessly, reducing the chances of leaks.
  3. Reusable: Can be cleaned and used for multiple cycles.
  4. Cost-effective: In the long run, investing in a reusable menstrual disc like the Cora Disc can save you money compared to continually buying single-use products.

My Personal Experience

Let me share a bit of my journey. The first time I stumbled upon a disc review, I was skeptical. Another product claiming to be the next big thing?

But, after reading a detailed Cora Disc review, I was intrigued. Being the curious soul that I am, I decided to give it a try. And let me tell you, it was a revelation.

Not only did I feel comfortable throughout the day, but I also took a step closer to my sustainable living goals.

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What’s the difference between a menstrual cup and a menstrual disc?

Both menstrual cups and menstrual discs are sustainable alternatives to traditional period products. Yet, they have distinct differences in design, usage, and fit.

Here’s a breakdown:

Menstrual Cup vs. Menstrual Disc: The Breakdown

FeatureMenstrual CupMenstrual Disc
ShapeBell or funnel-shapedFlat and round
MaterialTypically made of medical-grade silicone, rubber, or elastomerOften made of medical-grade silicone or elastomer
PlacementSits lower in the vaginal canal, just below the cervixPlaced horizontally, tucked behind the pubic bone
CapacityComes in various sizes to accommodate different flowsGenerally, one size fits most
RemovalPinch at the base and pull gentlyHook a finger under the rim or edge and pull out
Sex during periodNot typically recommendedPossible with some brands
Duration of UseCan be worn up to 12 hours, depending on the flowTypically up to 12 hours

I remember when I first transitioned to sustainable period care, and the wealth of choices felt overwhelming.

I started with a menstrual cup. It’s bell-shaped and needs a bit of practice to insert correctly, ensuring a leak-proof seal. Once in place, it collects menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it.

Later, I explored the menstrual disc world. The most striking difference for me was its placement. It sits a bit higher, resting more horizontally and tucked behind the pubic bone.

Some of my friends even mentioned they could have mess-free intercourse with the disc in place, which isn’t typically feasible with a cup.

In my journey, I found that while both options are eco-friendly and cost-effective in the long run, personal comfort and lifestyle play a significant role in determining which is best for an individual.

Soft or Perfect Fit: The Cora Menstrual Disc

cora menstrual disc how to use

The journey to find the ideal menstrual product often feels like seeking the elusive ‘perfect fit’.

While some products might boast a soft texture, others pride themselves on their fitting prowess. So, where does the Cora menstrual disc stand in this spectrum?


The Cora disc is crafted from body-safe materials that prioritize comfort. When you touch it, it feels soft, flexible, and gentle, ensuring it doesn’t feel rigid or uncomfortable inside.

This softness ensures that when the disc is inserted, you hardly notice its presence, allowing you to go about your day unhindered.


“Is it a perfect fit?” – the million-dollar question! Here’s the scoop: the Cora disc is designed to adapt to a range of anatomies. The disc sits snugly at the base of the cervix, creating a seal. This adaptability, combined with the disc’s rim, helps to ensure that it stays in place, minimizing the risk of leaks. Furthermore, it’s especially advantageous for those with a high cervix, offering a comfortable and secure fit.

Personal Experience:

Now, drawing from personal experience, I’ve tried a myriad of period products. Some were too firm, while others just didn’t sit right.

When I switched to the Cora disc, I noticed an immediate difference. The softness made the insertion process feel seamless, and its fit?

Well, it felt just right. Of course, every body is different, and it might take a try or two to figure out the perfect position for you. But for me, it was a game-changer.

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Cora Disc Auto Dumping 101

Auto-dumping, also referred to as self-emptying, occurs when the rim of a menstrual disc slightly shifts, letting some menstrual blood release into the toilet.

This shift is due to the contraction of pelvic floor muscles, mirroring what happens during a bowel movement. Once those muscles ease up, the rim typically slides back to its intended spot.

It’s important to note: this phenomenon primarily happens while you’re on the toilet. It’s a combo of your sitting position and the way your muscles tighten during restroom breaks.

If you find yourself “dumping” during your regular activities, that’s not auto-dumping—it’s a leak.

Using the Cora Disc: Easy to Use Guide

The Cora Disc is so much more than just another period product. Let’s break down its usage for a smoother period experience.

Insertion and Removal: Step by Step

  1. Before Insertion: Make sure your hands are clean. The process is similar to other period products, but there are a few specifics to keep in mind.
  2. Insertion: To insert the Cora Disc, fold it into a figure-eight shape. While doing so, ensure the finger-width groove is facing away from your body.
  3. Gently guide the rim of the Cora Disc into your vagina, directing the back rim first. Once the disc is inserted, push it back and down using your index finger, aiming towards your tailbone. When properly placed, the disc sits at the base of your cervix and boasts a high capacity, holding the equivalent of five to seven tampons. This means fewer changes and a slimmer profile for comfort!
  4. Removal: To remove the Cora Disc, hook your finger around the rim, break the suction, then gently pull it out and down. Aim to keep the disc upright to avoid spills. If you find it a tad tricky the first time, don’t worry! Once I’m used to the process, it becomes second nature.

Bonus Tips:

  • The Cora Disc should work for many users, but remember, our bodies are unique, so it might take a try or two to get the hang of it.
  • Ever thought of period sex without the mess? With the Cora Disc, it’s possible! Since the disc sits high and out of the way, it can remain in place during intimacy.

Absorbency Details

When it comes to using menstrual products, absorbency is a big deal. Enter the Cora menstrual disc – a game-changer in the world of menstrual care. Let’s dive into what makes it stand out.

Capacity and Design:

The Cora disc is designed with a unique capacity that holds 47.5 ml. To put that in perspective, that’s much more than what regular tampons can hold.

This means longer wear times and fewer trips to the bathroom for changes. The disc design is so much lighter in feel compared to tampons and pads, making it a comfortable alternative.

Seal and Absorption:

What’s impressive about the Cora disc is how it seals at the base of the cervix. This seal ensures zero leaks, even during activities like swimming or exercising.

The rim helps in maintaining this seal, keeping everything locked in.

And for those wondering about their anatomy, it’s designed to work effectively for those with a high cervix.

Easy Use:

When it’s time to change, simply pull the disc out. The beauty of this disc is that it self-empties when you go to the restroom, reducing the need for frequent removal and reinsertion.

To insert and remove the disc, follow the provided instructions, keeping in mind that every body is different. With practice, the process becomes more intuitive.

More sex

Menstrual discs, including the Cora disc, have a distinct advantage: they make period sex possible without the mess.

Unlike traditional tampons and pads, the disc sits higher up, near the cervix.

This positioning allows for a more intimate experience without the usual concerns of menstrual flow during those moments.

Is Cora or Flex disc better?

Both the Cora and Flex discs have been buzzing in the menstruations care market. The choice often boils down to personal preference:

  • Cora Disc: Known for its softness and adaptability, it’s eco-friendly and designed with a focus on sustainability.
  • Flex Disc: Offers a disposable option and is known for its unique “pull-tab” design, making removal a tad easier for some.

From personal experience, while I appreciate the sustainability of the Cora disc, some of my friends swear by the ease of Flex’s pull-tab feature.

As always, every body is different, so it might take a try with each to determine which suits you best.

Is Cora or Flex disc better

How often do you need to replace a Cora Disc?

The Cora disc is designed for durability, but like all products, it doesn’t last forever.

Generally, it’s recommended to replace it annually, but if you notice any tears, changes in texture, or any other signs of wear and tear, it’s best to replace it sooner.

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Why is my Cora Disc leaking?

Dealing with Leaks:

Experiencing leaks with your Cora disc? Don’t fret; it’s a common concern when transitioning to a new product. Here’s a few potential reasons:

  1. Improper Placement: The disc may not be positioned correctly against the cervix.
  2. Overflow: If the disc fills up faster than expected, especially on heavy flow days, it might lead to leaks.
  3. Anatomy Variations: Remember, every body is different. The shape and tilt of one’s cervix might affect the fit.
  4. Break in the Seal: If the seal at the base of the cervix isn’t firm, it can lead to leaks.

When I first started using the Cora disc, I experienced a few leaks. But with time and practice, I got the hang of it. Always ensure you read the instructions and perhaps even watch a tutorial or two for additional tips.

cora menstrual disc reviews

In Conclusion:

The Cora Disc isn’t just another period product – it’s a revolution in menstrual care. Merging sustainability with comfort, it promises not only an eco-friendly cycle but also a hassle-free experience.

Ready to change the way you think about your period? Dive into the world of Cora and discover a future where periods are a breeze

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